Top Customers from Europe

The prices are amazing! Same drugs with prices 80% lower…I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to be so

Robert / Facebook

They are a pharmacy that has looked at the way that pharmacies usually work, and they found another way–a better way

Judson / Google

Customers from United States of America

When I did lose my insurance, I thought I was in really big trouble until I came across you guys. You practically saved my life.


My meds were going to cost $600 a month for three meds with insurance. With Eupharmaceutical, it’s super easy to find them and it’s $17 (a month).


First of all, service has been great and very easy to work with…Stuff arrives when they say it’s going to arrive…Last of all, I’m saving just a lot of money


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No complaints so far. Great price and fast shipping all the way to the east coast. It sure beats standing in line at your local pharmacy.

Denis W

They only charge $15 for a 90 day supply of rosuvastatin. My prescription plan was denying me coverage despite wanting to charge $60 for the same 90 day supply!

Peter B

I have good insurance and even so, my prescriptions were cheaper through honeybee! The process was simple and easy to transfer my existing refills over from my previous pharmacy.

John S.